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Bangkok Real Estate Options North of the City

Property Investments North or Bangkok

When purchasing property in a sprawling metropolis like Bangkok, it is important to think seriously about the location. There is no point, for example, opting for real estate in the north of the city if you have to commute to a southern district each day.

Likewise, there is little point in buying in the southern districts of Bangkok if the condo or townhouse is poorly and inconveniently located, regardless of how many other boxes it ticks in the positive column.

Location, Price, Quality, Value for Money

This article will cover some examples of quality real estate in the north of Bangkok. We are going to look at three condominiums worth consideration, and they will be properties that tick all the right boxes. In this case that will mean they qualify with regards to:


  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Quality
  4. Rental prices
  5. Estimated resale values


Know Your Market!

When investing in Bangkok real estate or any other property market come to that, one of the key factors to take into account is the potential return on investment. Having a realistic understanding of resale values and the ease in which a property can be sold later on – if that’s the plan – then being well informed of the local market is paramount.

The northern districts of Bangkok worth buying property in are those which are found within close proximity to BTS and MTR stations. Investors ate better off looking at those buildings within a 1Km radius of a BTS or MRT station. Buying condos or houses near to the Skytrain & Metro lines significantly increases the chances of rent or resale.

The Wind Ratchayothin

The first condo we look at in Bangkok’s northern areas is The Wind Ratchayothin. This is a dramatic and stylish 37 story building located in the city’s Chatuchak district. It’s just 200m from the SCB business park plaza and near to Central Ladprao and the Major Ratchayothin Complex. The construction shares design ideas and dramatic styling with its sister development in the center of Bangkok’s Asoke area, aptly named The Wind 23 Asoke.

The Wind Ratchayothin is situated less than 1Km from the Phahonyothin MRT station, and now just a short hop to the BTS and Airport Link Phyathai stations. Its close proximity to the transportation rail network is reason enough to invest here, but by no means the only reason.

The Wind is one of the first Grade A condominiums to be built in this part of Bangkok and has relatively little competition in the top-end rental market. This has helped to keep both rental rates and demand strong. A one bedroom condo here will return 6-7% for those who purchased a unit off-plan a few years ago. So with strong reliable rental returns, good scope for potential capital gains, the use of good quality materials, effective management, and the great location, all help to make The Wind Ratchayothin a very good investment for northern Bangkok.

Ideo Huaykwang Condominium

Moving further along the MRT line, we come to the Ideo Huaykwang condominium which is located within 50m of the Huay Kwang MRT station.

Whatever your lifestyle, this 19 floor condominium building with modern oriental design, will surely accommodate all your needs. The Ideo Huay Kwang houses partitioned studios, along with one bed and two bedroom units. The enviable proximity to an MRT station and exceptional living experience make this a popular choice with expats and locals alike who are looking for a comfortable home and the convenience of an easy commute 방콕밤문화.

Facilities like the private garden areas, the moon touch night pool, and the on-site store, all contribute towards making the Ideo Huaykwang a serious competitor for accommodation of this type. The materials used in the construction are perhaps not quite up to the same standard as The Wind Ratchayothin, but the prices reflect this, both in terms of sales and rentals.

Return on Investment (ROI)

With the return on investment a little lower than The Wind Ratchayothin, and given the competition from condominiums such a Life @ Huaykwang, owners can expect to receive 5-6% returns, which is still better than that of many other major cities around the world.

Ari – A Great Place to Invest in Property

Another good area to buy property in the northern districts of Bangkok is Ari. This is a fashionable area along the Sukhumvit BTS line, popular with both expats and locals. Ari has plenty of high rise condos, hip shops, fine restaurants, and trendy bars and cafes catering for mid to high-end clientèle. Ari is without doubt a great area to invest in a condominium.

Villa Rachakhru Condominium

Villa Rachakhru is a good example of a quality residential building in Ari. This is a low-rise eight story condominium with a high rental demand.

Anyone who invests in a condo in the Ari district typically finds there is a high demand to rent here, therefore making returns very favourable. If an owner purchased a condo at the Villa Rachakhru off-plan, then they could expect returns of up to 8-9%. However, when investing in a resale condominium at Villa Rachakhru, then 6-7% is a more realistic figure.

Constructed using good quality materials, positioned in a fantastic location – only 400m from the Ari BTS station – and having good maintenance levels, all mean that theThe Villa Rachakhru was a good investment, is still a good investment, and will continue to be a good investment well into the future.