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Foam Bean Bag Price Wars

I remember the first time I walked into a Lovesac store. I was in the mall and there was this new store that sold really cool and extremely large bean bags. These bags had revolutionary designs, new fabrics and oh, by the way, these big puffy things are full of comfortable foam. I had to have one! As I turned over the ticket to see the price, I just about passed out from the sticker shock. There was no way, with my student budget that I was going to be able to afford one these babies Bean Bag Filling B0BBTHZPWK.

Well the good news is, the price on foam bags have come a long way since then. Just like any industry the foam furniture business is controlled by supply and demand. As demand has increased, so has the supply, and the prices have steadily moved down. The foam itself is a commodity that is largely influenced by the economy. The foam has traditionally been the largest cost that goes into making a foam-filled bean bag. Close behind the foam comes the cover. Covers can be made from microsuede, microfiber, velvet, leather and a variety of other popular furniture coverings. The lesser of all the costs is the liner that comes inside the cover and what the foam actually goes into. One thing to consider when purchasing a new foam bean bag is whether or not the bean bag has a liner. That’s an important component to any well made bean bag.

When you take these three components, you have the ingredients you need to determine the price of the foam bag. As the cost of foam has decreased and the cost to make covers has also declined, the overall cost for these fluffy furniture items has improved.

An upcoming trend in the industry are companies looking to manufacturer and sell directly to the consumers. Traditionally bean bags have been manufactured, the manufacturer then would sell the product directly to a retailer and then the retailer to the consumer. There are, however, some manufacturers out there who are looking to sell directly to the consumers, rather than retailers, and thus giving consumers “wholesale pricing”. These companies aren’t easy to find because there aren’t many out there, but when you find one, you can get the same quality foam bag at rock bottom prices.

One last factor that has dramatically lowered bean bag prices, is the increase in competition. At one point, there was just Lovesac. Today there are many companies selling foam bean bags. With the increase of competition, companies either need to get innovative, or lower their costs. The good news for consumers is that we’ve seen both, better product at rock bottom prices. So the bottom line, with the prices of these foam bags going down, now more than ever, it’s time to buy yourself a nice foam filled bean bag. Remember to shop around and compare prices, your pocketbook will thank you.