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Modern Corner Bathtubs Are More Than Just Tubs

Modern homes are starting to take advantage of the corner bathtubs concept. Aesthetically, the corner tub gives the room the illusion of more space all the while giving the person sitting in one the feeling of more freedom. The average bathtub is a standard rectangular shape giving you less visual space in the bathroom, and a limited feeling of freedom. Having a tub in the corner and the bathroom designed for this, you can get a better more liberating soak 방콕물집.

Bathrooms in bigger homes occupied by the stars or the rich, more often than not you will see a large corner tub that gives a nice 180 degree view of the room. You don’t often see walls blocking the view.

Corner bathtubs also have a place in smaller homes and buildings. When your bathroom space is limited, a corner tub can give you the most out of the space. Many different styles of corner tubs are available, including taller and deeper tubs (much like soaking tubs) give you a full body bath in a quarter of the space (length x width), and it utilizes the often ample space in height in many bathrooms. With some minor reconstruction of the bathroom design, even older homes can take advantage of this concept bathtub to open up the room and give a more meditative soak.

There have been some intriguing new designs for corner bathtubs, borrowing from both classic designs like the soaking tub, and more modern concepts like the whirlpool, Jacuzzi jets, and temperature control. Some more eccentric custom made tubs may even have special light shows that dance around the sides for a meditative soak in the dark and even bubbles that shift color schemes!

What ever your need or desire, there is bound to be a corner bathtub that will suit you, and that can upgrade your space. We use our bathtubs for more than simply bathing; many use them for meditation, helping to get rid of a headache or just a therapeutic soak. It’s important to have a tub that can handle whatever you need. At the very least our bathtub should make the most use of the space allotted in your bathroom.