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Navigators Mentor Program in Sacramento Schools

Sacramento Schools are making it easier for their students to succeed by creating the Navigators Mentor Program in their schools. This program enhances the resiliency of students and helps them develop valuable assets needed to be successful adults by providing them with mentors who encourage and empower students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally as they navigate through their turbulent middle school years Sacramento Top 10.

How do Mentors in Sacramento Schools Help Students?

The mentors involved in the Navigators Mentor Program in Sacramento Schools are dedicated in providing the following:

Mentors in Sacramento Schools are being a positive role models for a young person.

Mentors are spending time with individual students, or even a group of students and helping to guide them through programmed activities that encourage success.

They also help students to bond with their school and their community through providing encouragement in participating in school and community events.

Perhaps most importantly, mentors in Sacramento Schools help to assist their student through the most challenging years of their life. The transition from Middle School to High School can be tough, but the mentors are there to help make it as smooth as possible by providing emotional and academic support for the child they mentor.

What Does it Take to be a Mentor at schools in Sacramento?

If you are willing to spend one hour, once a week for an entire school year with a student, then this is a perfect opportunity for you! You also have to show a distinct willingness to be a positive role model and support your student to achieve at the highest levels. As a mentor in Sacramento Schools, you are essentially helping a child navigate through a turbulent part of their life by helping transition them from childhood to pre-adulthood.

During your weekly visit to schools in Sacramento you’re helping your “mentee” to plan community projects and summer activities with other community groups and members of the Navigators Mentor Program. Projects are planned and completed each quarter. As you work with students on this project you’re not only being a good role model, but you’re also aiding Sacramento Schools to help develop a child and encourage them to achieve their maximum potential.

Overall, this Navigators Mentor Program in Sacramento Schools is a great way in developing a child into becoming an active part of the community as well as helping to transition them from childhood to pre-adulthood. Giving them responsibility in the community teaches them about philanthropy and self-worth, which will indeed make them valuable assets in their future communities. Go encourage this program in Sacramento Schools by signing up to be a mentor today!