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Nightlife in Benidorm Spain

As famous as Benidorm is for its beaches it is also well know for its entertainment. Families with children love the beaches at Playa Levante and Playa Poniente with its busy promenades, and most people are happy to go out to a restaurant for their meals and enjoy the entertainment that their hotel or apartment complex has to offer, but there is a whole other scene in Benidorm 다낭 가라오케.

From around four in the afternoon visitors can make the rounds to showbars, cabaret bars, country and western bars, bars and karaoke and discos. Each locale usually serves a variety of drinks and snacks, and Benidorm truly has something for everyone.

Discos get going around midnight ad to the big clubs with DJ’s clubbers are expected to pay around twenty five Euros admission which always includes one free drink and sometimes a tee shirt. The discos tend to sat open as long as they are busy but will close their doors around seven in the morning. The most popular clubs in Benidorm include KM Playa, Penelopes, Jokers and the Ku Lounge. These clubs are all centrally located in the Playa Levante area around the Avenida Communidad Valencia.

The country and western bars are popular watering holes before the night clubs open, offering cheap drinks and live entertainment. One of the most popular has to be the Western Saloon. The Western Saloon is very popular with clubbers who wish to dance the night away at Café Benidorm afterwards.

Cabaret bars open their doors around eight in the evening the most popular of this variety is Benidorm Palace where visitors can enjoy a sophisticated night out enjoying a three course dinner and a show.

Karaoke bars are very popular as the whole family can enjoy an evening out being entertained and also have the chance to do some entertaining, popular with children.

The nightlife in Benidorm attracts visitors staying at other nearby resorts people having their stag and hen weekends and people just flying in for the weekend to have a good time!