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5 Golden Rules For Naturally Great Skin

Radiant glowing skin is something you see every day in magazines, on TV, and on the Internet. Celebrities models and actors always seem to know the secret to maintaining a flawless complexion (and of course where to find a good airbrush artist to retouch their magazine shots).

Your skin is typically seen as an indicator of your general health and well-being, reflecting your lifestyle, from your sleep habits to your diet and environment.

If you’ve been taking good care of yourself, this feels like a good thing. Most likely though if you’re reading this today, it could be because you have been feeling a little under the weather and maybe your skin is reflecting this.

Not to worry, this article is about how to give your skin a quick pick me up, some TLC if you will, along with 5 easy maintenance tips so you can feel good and enjoy a more radiant complexion every day.

I’m going to cover a few tips (5 in all) on how to give yourself a mini facial from the inside out.

1. Drink

The first thing to do is to give your insides a mini flush out. Buy some grapefruit or cranberry juice to drink, and treat yourself to a glass a day, for a week or two. Cranberry and grapefruit juice help to detox your kidneys and liver, and flush toxins from the body and skin. You can also dab these juices on your face with a cotton ball, as an easy antioxidant treatment. Another tip is to squeeze a little lemon juice into your water bottle daily to alkalize your body and flush out toxins. Remember – your skin is the biggest organ in/on your body, and the one that is constantly exposed to the environment. It has the job of acting as a shield and a sponge at the same time – and like a sponge or shield, it needs a good rinse out to stay fresh, and a good polish occasionally!

2. Sleep

Getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep allows your body enough time to repair and regenerate it’s cells. Sleeping away from electronic devices (and yes, that means your cell phone) avoids interference with your bodys bioelectrical systems.

3. Go On Get Outside (as your Mom might say)

Just 10 minutes a day of fresh air and a little vitamin D from a small exposure to sunlight can make a huge difference to your general health. Take 10 minutes to go outside and take 10 long deep breaths to relax your mind and body. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you can feel by doing this daily. It’s scientifically proven that oxygenating your blood and your skin cells helps them regenerate and renew faster.

4. Alcohol

If you like a glass or two after work or in the weekend you maybe grimacing here, wondering what I’m going to tell you to give up. If that’s the case, relax, all I’m going to suggest is that when you are drinking alcoholic beverages, for every glass/bottle you consume, alternate your drinks with a glass of water. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and body in general. Drinking a glass of water in between a beer/wine glass or other alcoholic beverage helps your body process the alcohol and flush out sulfites (or other additives). Do this and you’ll be less prone to a hangover. In fact it’s been proven that alternating water with alcohol over a period of time can lighten or eliminate hangovers completely Mặt nạ dưỡng ẩm.

5. Natural Skin Care

You’re probably already aware that many cosmetics and skincare products contain synthetic ingredients that can cause sensitivities or irritation to skin. The problem with commercially produced products is that you don’t know what is in them and what potential damage they can do to your skin cells & cellular membranes. Many products can produce irritation, and more and more people are becoming aware or cautious about buying over the counter products because of cost, chemical content and their potential impact on the environment depending on how they are produced, packaged and processed.

Using natural skin masks and exfoliators to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and repair your skin is a practical (and rewarding) way to alleviate these concerns. Natural products and skin care recipes you can make at home can be at least as effective as store bought products.

Recipes like coconut oil teatree wash can clear up acne, exfoliating fruit scrub where several fruits and sugars are combined correctly, can work as a powerful cell and collagen stimulating, non-chemical peel. Moisturizing oil serums can be used for fine lines, discoloration, or firming and plumping out dry, dehydrated skin.

You can use natural, hassle free alternatives to repair damage and maintain a glowing complexion at home, using all natural ingredients from your home and garden with the optional addition of essential oils for a rejuvenating boost.

Try these tips, use homemade skin care recipes and you’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make. Many people see a huge improvement in the feel, texture and appearance of their skin by following these simple tips on a regular basis. When you make and use your own natural skin care recipes you can not only save money, but also dump the commercial products and feed your skin from your own kitchen.